Monday, May 08, 2006


Trapped miners: rescuers face new challenges

its been weeks since we have been hearing about this.. hope they make it at last

latest news abstract:

As with other phases of this rescue though, there are new challenges to rescuers, this time the threat of a cave-in should their work lead to a rock fall.They've got to work out…

They've got to square off the tunnel and prepare it so that it's safe for the rescuers to actually start drilling upwards.

BILL SHORTEN: The real problem with mining upwards that's been explained to me is that above the skin of hard rock, which will exist between the start of the vertical shaft and where the men is, there will be fill.

DAVID HARDAKER: The service will be conducted by one of Larry Knight's high school friends, a man who's now the local head of the religious bikie group known as the God Squad.

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